About Multi-faceted

Me as librarian

Who are you?

I’m Edith Speller, the author of this blog, and I’m a music librarian with an interest in geekery and in promoting the information profession’s importance in modern society. I’m in my thirties and Scottish though I now live and work in south-east London. I’m currently employed at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, in the music library – my job title is Library Systems and User Education Manager.

Why Multi-faceted?

  1. I didn’t want to tie myself to just one aspect of librarianship – writing about music librarianship, or Why Librarians Matter, or systems, or social media, etc. Calling myself multi-faceted seemed a good way to explain this.
  2. I learned about multi-faceted classification schemes at uni and thought they were a fantastic idea – due respect to Ranganathan, whose ideas are becoming increasingly relevant in the age of digital information which can be in multiple places at once.


Views expressed on this blog are my personal opinions and are not necessarily shared by my employer, my colleagues, or indeed anyone else that knows me.