CPD23 Thing 2: Exploring the biblio-blogosphere

This Thing was far more time-consuming than expected and has taken up quite a few lunchtimes! The brief was to look at the blogs of some other CPD23 participants, and leave a few comments. As there’s now over 600 people taking part there’s no hope of looking at them all, so I used searching and tagging on the Delicious list to explore based on sector, country, blogs with musical names (though not necessarily musical content!) and names that jumped out at me from the list.

After a lot of browsing around, I’ve subscribed to the blogs below – may well add to this list as time goes on. I deliberately added blogs new to me, rather than ones I already subscribe to or read regularly!

By the way thanks everyone who left comments on my first post. I found comment trails on my blog and others were another helpful way to find participants.

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One Response to “CPD23 Thing 2: Exploring the biblio-blogosphere”

  1. tumeltyni Says:

    Thanks for following my blog – hope it lives up to expectations!

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