CPD23 Thing 1: Why participate?

If you’re reading this blog at all, you’re probably already aware of the CPD23 online course running this summer for library and information professionals, students etc. Follow the link if you’d like to find out more.

Thing 1 is to blog about why I’m participating and what I want to get out of this.

I’m participating because I work in quite a small team (within the music library of a London conservatoire). Although I try to maintain wider professional links through Twitter, membership of professional organisations etc, CPD23 seems like a great chance to update my skills and make more contacts with peers, which will hopefully be mutually beneficial. I’m also hoping to persuade one or two of my colleagues to participate as I think they’d enjoy it and pick up some useful tips along the way! (hello colleagues if you’re reading)

I’m particularly looking forward to learning about Evernote and Prezi – I’ve seen several people using the latter for presentations, but haven’t made time to try it out. Hoping I’ll fit all the Things round my summer work – as a systems and user education librarian I’m busy at this time of year with upgrades, organising and preparing the next year’s teaching and other projects. Hoping the fact I’m late doing Things 1 and 2 isn’t an inauspicious start!

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9 Responses to “CPD23 Thing 1: Why participate?”

  1. Niamh Says:

    No such thing as late doing any of these things, it’s all self-paced! I used to work in a music information centre, looking forward to following your blog.

  2. Edith Says:

    Thanks Niamh! You’re right of course about it being self-paced, though I’d like to try and keep roughly to the weeks new Things are posted :)

    BTW just clicked through to your blog and I really like the ‘Some of the blogs I follow…’ section on your sidebar – is that done natively in Blogger? Having the latest posts makes it more engaging than my old-fashioned blog roll.

    • Niamh Says:

      Hi Edith,
      Yes, pretty sure I just did it using the Blogroll option and changed the text for the title. We did the same thing for the CPD23 site as well.

  3. Lucy Broddle Says:

    Hello Edith,

    I have been looking for music related blogs to follow as part of thing 2, so was excited to find yours.
    I look forward to reading your posts.


  4. Lucy Broddle Says:

    Hello again,

    Thank you for your comment! I’ve been having difficulties with my blog postings, they keep not posting my whole post. So, I have had to delete it and start again- unfortunately this meant I had to delete your comment too :(

    Hopefully now my links are now showing though, including a link to your blog here. Yes, I have looked at the BL sound archive. I love it! I went to visit them when I was doing my graduate trainee year in London which was an amazing experience.

    I hope you are getting my posts here too.


    • Edith Says:

      Hello Lucy,

      Aha, yes, I can see the links on your post now. Never mind about my comment :) I’ve visited the sound archive once too – wonderful place!


  5. Jenny McParland Says:

    Hi Edith,

    I’m in exactly the same kind of situation as you as I look after the Music Faculty Library at the University of Oxford. It’s really difficult to make professional links with people when you’re working in such a small department, but I’m looking forward to starting to do so via this programme! I also look forward to following your blog :)


    • Edith Says:

      Hi Jenny,

      It’s great to hear from another music librarian! I didn’t mention that in the music library world I actually work in an unusually large team, but in the academic world it’s an unusually small one. Could you send me a link to your blog please? I realise I could probably track you down via the CPD23 Delicious list but it’s getting massive :)

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