Library day in the life 5

Last day of the Library day in the life project for now; hope something interesting happens!


  • Arrived to email about the restructuring of the senior management team, so had a read and a chat about it with colleagues. Doesn’t look like it’ll affect anyone at lower levels which is good.
  • Read Eduserv newsletter and case study on installation of OpenAthens LA 2.0. This is a product we’re thinking of implementing at college so I’ll send a link on to the head of IT who’s investigating our authentication options.
  • Brief interlude from ‘proper’ work helping a colleague with their laptop that’s been playing up. Typically it booted fine when I was there watching it, but did a bit of tidying up, updating programs and advised to get backups done and recovery DVDs made asap.
  • Listserv emails as usual.
  • Quick bit of research for a colleague who runs the theatre ephemera collection which has digital images on our catalogue (using Hyperion). She wanted to investigate the possibility of watermarking those images, so I found some software that should do the job and looked at how to replace the existing Hyperion images with new ones. Think it’s either a slow, manual job or a scary dump and reload the lot, but will wait to see how keen she is to do it before investigating further.
  • Colleague asked whether junior students are covered by one of our invoice reports as a couple hadn’t been generated. I cursed myself for no longer methodically listing system config changes – I kept this up for a year or so but let it slide when things got hectic. Think the problem is that I did add juniors to be covered but only quite recently, hence the missing invoices from late last summer.
  • Bits of admin, booking a day off next week etc. Realised I forgot to have a tea break…
  • Wrote up a few potential presentation ideas for systems conference in June – hoping I can speak there as it gives me a better chance of getting funding to attend!
  • Lunch including errands – been selling some spare books on Amazon so have regular trips to the Post Office at the moment!
  • Went out to the library desk to pick up some serials cards for adding to the system; got caught up in helping out at the desk as it was busy, so issued some CDs and helped a student find the Orchestral Musician CD-ROMs he needed. Also found a letter in my pigeonhole informing me of our massive 0.5% pay rise this year ;)
  • I’m gradually adding control records for our journals to Symphony’s serials module so we can automatically add issues to our catalogue and be reminded to claim missing issues. It’s a slow process but I’m trying to get at least a few done each week. In the process I’m also adding/tidying/improving the journals’ catalogue records, which is a slow process as I hardly do any cataloguing these days!
  • Tea break, chat with colleague and enjoyed watching the brief snow flurry outside – strange wind currents in the courtyard meant it was falling upwards at one point…
  • Back to serials module. The journal I set up from scratch today has regular special issues, so used the opportunity to put together a quick procedural guide on how to check in a special issue for the library assistants. Also wrote up how to check in a normal issue, and one received out of sequence.
  • Quick sysadmin task to finish the day – cleared out a couple of hundred old system reports. Regretted that I hadn’t found time to update my stats spreadsheet this week – means it’ll be doubly tedious next week! (really must find a way to automate the process a bit more…)

There’s my week done then. Rushing off to town now but may post thoughts on the experience later!


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