Library day in the life 4

Day four of five; hope this is still vaguely interesting!


  • Boss chatted with us about negotiation skills training she went on yesterday afternoon. Sounded very interesting but also very difficult! She was also taught the art of ‘flinching’ which none of us could do without laughing, and was told to eliminate ‘floppy’ language which seems fair enough in a negotiation scenario but she was advised to eliminate it in day-to-day management as well. She wasn’t impressed by this as it meant going from politely asking to get stuff done to demanding it!
  • Usual catching up with listservs etc, plus planning route to MLT meeting at British Library later, as the DLR station we usually change at is closed at the moment.
  • Made a few tweaks to user ed session based on ideas from colleague. Continued work on handout.
  • Tea break!
  • Finished off handout and got it down to one A4 page; hoping that means it’s less fussy than BMus ones.
  • Early lunch (noon).
  • Admin – scheduling meetings and user ed. Finally getting to do a session for our Indian Music students based at the Bhavan Centre which should be interesting! It’s not until mid-Feb so I’ve got a bit of time to flesh out my plans for content.
  • Travel with colleague to British Library for MLT meeting.
  • Meeting itself went smoothly with stand-in chair, and finished just after 5. Did post-mortem on completed funded scoping study and discussed how to disseminate results more widely, then looked at progress of next project and a potential funding request coming our way, plus ongoing items of business.

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