Library day in the life 3


  • Usually start work at 11am on Wednesdays – arrived by 10.30am today for dull reasons I won’t go into, so spent a bit of time chatting to colleague/writing up comments for a IAML prize submission before work proper began.
  • Caught up with listserv emails, and got sucked into a discussion on the LIS-WEB2 list. Hoping my contribution makes sense!
  • Finally got back to writing BA session.
  • Received notes from our last library staff meeting a couple of weeks ago and gave them a quick read to ensure I’d either carried out my action points or was at least aware of them.
  • Lunch – spent some time perusing my library’s copy of Time Out to find things to do with a friend who’s visiting at the weekend.
  • Afternoon – back to BA session. Finding a fair bit of relevant material with our online resources which is good – there’s definitely been an improvement since we started running musical theatre courses.
  • Again mixed with bits of admin, e.g. new BMus handbook coming through with updated reading lists. Unfortunately think we’re seeing them at the same time as the students. I’ll need to consider how we add websites to our reading lists on the catalogue – considering something using our account as feel ‘cataloguing’ websites is usually a Bad Idea.
  • Tea break at 4.30pm.
  • Finally finished BA session cribsheet, just into my #latenightlibrarian time! Sent it to colleague so she can tweak as desired for her class. Also sent it to colleague helping out with my session so he can take a quick look beforehand. I always feel these cribsheets take way longer than they should; perhaps I’m being harsh on myself, or perhaps I’m overly detailed and pedantic in my session-writing. Probably both.
  • Printed off some papers for MLT meeting tomorrow. Emailed trustee standing in as chair to explain a couple of agenda items.
  • Bit more admin, including going through to-do list ticking off items and starring new top priorities.
  • Went on to do something I hadn’t starred because it was easy and quick to do! (checking Surveymonkey pro account cost and that it could be paid monthly just for the months we need pro features).
  • Made a good start on BA session handout – what do other people put on library session handouts? I had student feedback that mine were ‘fussy’ or something to that effect.
  • Nearly closing time (7pm) so went to help colleague empty library and tidy up – library unusually busy right up to closing as there’s three deadlines tomorrow. Then hometime!

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