Library day in the life 2

Continuing the Library day in the life project all week if I can!


  • Arrived at work and heard that my boss had the same brief illness as me but is coming in later. Feeling guilty about that!
  • Chatted to colleagues about how the user ed went yesterday – good chance to view attitudes of staff and students, e.g. how important the immediacy of full-text is to them. I knew it was important, but the expectation that *everything* would be instantly available still surprised me, especially at that level of study.
  • Read listserv emails as yesterday.
  • Emailed lecturer from yesterday’s user ed to pass on attendance register and solicit feedback.
  • Paperwork tidy-up – mainly sorting out stuff from user ed so the folder’s ready for the next sessions. Ended up filing away some other paperwork that’s been lingering on my desk for a few weeks so the current stuff is more visible.
  • While clearing out found some hastily scribbled notes on a UNIX command from when I was investigating backup procedures before Christmas, so typed these up in a document for future reference.
  • Helped colleague with systems problem – hold wizard wasn’t acting as expected. I found and explained the ‘correct’ process to do what was needed, and agreed the wizard wasn’t intuitive!
  • Tea break :)
  • Wrote urgent email to academic – we’re running brand-new training for 3rd year musical theatre students next week which is supposed to help them with their personal projects (dissertation equivalent). Great, but unfortunately I’ve not managed to find out what their project proposals are yet! For now I’m going with the vague indications I was given months ago and am asking specific focused questions in the hope I’ll get a quick response.
  • Bit of admin, including replying to emails from yesterday afternoon, and confirming meeting in a couple of weeks with colleague at sister college library. We’re collaboratively writing a staff development session on web 2.0 type stuff. Bonus: arranged meeting for straight after lunch, so that day I get to eat at their wonderful college cafe :)
  • Back to writing the training for next week! Luckily a large amount can be adapted from existing sessions, just changing the focus and example searches to suit the audience (hopefully). I don’t find doing this a lot of fun though, so end up procrastinating by finding other little tasks to do (e.g. the admin above!).
  • Academic mentioned earlier turned up with printout of proposal topic summaries, hurrah! Didn’t quite sound like he’d actually seen my email, but the main thing is that I now know what sort of material will help them. Phew. Used info to continue work on session (which was along the right lines)
  • Lunch.
  • Chat with colleague who’s leading one of the two user ed sessions next week to give her the proposal topics and show her my session cribsheet so far – gives her a chance to play around with the resources (one of which is new to us) and look out a few relevant print resources so we can remind the students of their existence!
  • More work on fleshing out cribsheet, interspersed with bits of admin, including a couple more MLT emails finalising arrangements for Thursday. Repeat until 5pm (I can take an afternoon tea break but often don’t get round to it).

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