Library day in the life

I’m finally joining in with the Library day in the life project (4th time lucky!). Joeyanne Libraryanne is joining in too and has posted a good intro to the project along with her blogpost for today. Basically, it involves lots of librarians writing about their day to show what they get up to. Here’s what I did today:

  • Unusually, I didn’t get to work for 9. I was unwell yesterday evening and was worried that it might be a stomach bug, so ate a small breakfast first thing, then waited at home until 9am to check all was well before boarding a train! My normal leaving time is around 8am.
  • Reached my desk around 10.15am. I was supposed to implement changes to AV loan lengths/fines on the system then restart it first thing; slightly scuppered by my illness. Luckily the library was still quiet so I was able to get everyone off the system to restart it so the config changes took effect (an advantage of working in a small library!). I then tested the new loan period and fines and asked a colleague to stick a sign up at the desk and on our noticeboard to add to the email we’d already sent advertising the changes.
  • Next I dealt with inbox emails from the weekend  –  a Naxos Music Library access problem plus login details request for another audio resource; details of a student change of course requiring library and Athens account extension. My boss had received another report of Naxos trouble so she asked the company to investigate.
  • Colleague passed on an answerphone message re: trouble accessing JSTOR remotely. Phoned back, established student had Athens account and advised on access (and how to reset password if needed).
  • Answered call put through to me (not sure why) from reception, from a lady clearing out house of deceased relative. Established donation was small number of old piano tutors plus certificates from my college from the 1920s, and she agreed to post the items down to us (we don’t tend to collect small donations, especially as she was based in Norfolk and we’re in London!). I don’t usually have so many phone calls!
  • Lib asst sent me draft of requested poster advertising AV loan changes, saying he felt it was a bit boring, so I spent a fun ten minutes or so making it pretty (inserting background photo etc). Turns out Word prints background images differently from how it displays them on print preview etc, but it looked amusing so I left it! (loads of CD shelves reaching into the horizon). Also posted news item about loan changes to student intranet to cover all bases.
  • Caught up on listserv emails from the weekend – Sirsi customer lists plus various librarian/tech lists.
  • Lunch – luckily feeling a lot better so polished off a cheese salad roll, apple and packet of crisps.
  • Received an email from the chair of the Music Libraries Trust (MLT). I’m secretary, we’re meeting on Thursday and he’d just found he couldn’t attend so wanted to check I was happy with alternative chairing arrangements before he made them.
  • Reviewed notes from meeting with my boss last Friday, and updated my to-do list with tasks accordingly. Glad I did this as I spotted a secondary task related to the CD/DVD changes (updating overdue notice text with the new fine information) that I’d completely forgotten about!
  • Bits and pieces preparing for user ed – picking up equipment, room setup, going over script etc, followed by…
  • …1.5 hour user ed session for Masters Jazz students. We had 7 out of 9 attend which is pretty good. Their lecturer stayed and participated in the session, which is great because a) it demonstrates the value of what we do to the students (since they hopefully already have a positive relationship with the lecturer), b) it means I get direct feedback from the lecturer about the content and delivery of the session, and c) he got a mini-refresher course on the online resources we cover! The session went quite well I think; my boss was helping out and said some the students went ‘off-piste’, but were at least mostly looking at the resources when I was, which is fine by me. Luckily there was at least one student who really engaged and asked interesting questions which helps the session along. Was quite amusing when ‘Irish Pirate Ballads’ or similar popped up as a featured resource on Music Online; I then used it as an example recording and we marvelled at the bearded men in the liner notes ;)
  • That finished at 4.30 and I got a round of applause (!!!); by the time we’d shut down the training PCs (located in a shared training/meeting room so they have to be folded away), taken back the equipment etc. it was 5pm and the end of my day. I’m staying on a bit as my friend lives nearer my work than home, and we’re off to a pub quiz in a bit. I’m finishing off this blog post until it’s time to go.

Does this look like a lot to do in one day? Most days I look back, wonder where all the time went and despair at how little seems to have got done! I’ve seen other people are planning to carry on with the day in the life project all week; think I’ll try to do the same as it’s interesting to see where all the time goes.


3 Responses to “Library day in the life”

  1. Jo Alcock Says:

    Interesting to get an insight into your systems side of things as well as the music, and yay for the round of applause! Hope you continue for the rest of the week. :)

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