Mash Oop North write-up (part 2)

Cake by me (bitospud)

Afternoon chocolate cake at Mashed Library 2009

Here’s the long-awaited (!) write-up of the second half of the Mash Oop North, apologies for the stream-of-consciousness writing style. Last time I neglected to mention a brief session before lunch which was loosely based on a kids’ TV programme called Runaround (which I was too young to have heard of!). Volunteers stood around the room holding up different topic ideas, and we were invited to go to whatever topic interested us, talk to the other people there, then move on (or not) each time someone shouted ‘runaround’. I think this was a valiant idea but didn’t quite work as planned – in most of the groups I encountered one or two people dominated the conversation, and as fairly few people shifted around each time it made it difficult to break into an existing discussion, especially for someone like me lacking in concrete ideas at that stage, and rather more outgoing online than in person! I did hear a couple of people coming up with good ideas though, so it certainly was productive for some people and bore fruit later.

Lunch included both Papa John’s pizza and Seabrook crisps, two excellent foodstuffs. I ate a bit of the pictured cake in the afternoon and it was as delicious as it looks! There was more opportunity for networking and starting to come up with ideas for the afternoon.

After lunch came the lightning talks. These were a fab idea but too popular for their own good – unfortunately I couldn’t hear terribly well from where I was sitting. One time I realised too late that one speaker was extolling Tufte, who I learned about on my library course and is a fantastic source of good advice on the graphic display of information. I’d have tried to move forward had I twigged sooner! I eventually decided to give up on the lightning talks and do something practical – during lunch I’d had an idea, so I tweeted it, and fortunately Owen Stephens offered to help make it a reality. He soon gathered a few others to work on the idea, and after an hour or so of mashing (with snatches of cake and coffee) we nearly had a working prototype. I’ve got the start and end of the process in Yahoo Pipes and just need to find time to create the middle bit and stick the two halves together, so will blog on the project as soon as that’s done. What I can reveal now is that we were awarded the group mash prize (perhaps by default!) which was a £20 Amazon voucher each, I think sponsored by UKOLN. Totally unexpected and very appreciated!

At the end of the afternoon prizes were awarded – you can see the list of excellent ideas on the mashlib09 blog, and I do recommend taking a look as there’s things there that should definitely get developed. After prizegiving ended, we decamped to the pub before heading our separate ways. All in all, a highly recommended event and format which both broadened my professional horizons and helped me take more online contacts into ‘real life’, and I’m looking forward to MiddleMash in Birmingham towards the end of the year (if I manage to get a place, given how popular these events are!).


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