A belated happy new year

A photo of New Year fireworks

The Start of a New Beginning, taken by Michele Catania

Happy new(ish) year to anyone reading this!

I’ve been keeping myself busy so far this year, thanks to my informal resolution to undertake a Flickr 365 project jointly with my husband (we’re alternating taking a picture a day), and I’ve combined this with a resolution to increase my personal blogging (as opposed to ‘work’ blogging which you’re reading now!). I should really make a third resolution to post here more often, but I think it’d be more sensible just to pledge to update here more regularly rather than more frequently. I’ll aim to write more short posts about interesting music-library-related-news as I think that’ll help the whole thing feel less daunting…

Also, if anyone knows of other music librarian blogs I’d love to be pointed towards them both for inspiration and fostering a sense of community – I’ve only found offline networks of music librarians up to now.


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