An introduction

Welcome to my blog! I’m Edith, and I used to blog over at Eduspaces while studying to become a librarian. However I wanted a new place to write at and play with, so here we go! You can read more about me and the blog at the about page, but to summarise I’m hoping to focus on the following:

  • Why Librarians Matter – I always seem to be telling my husband how such-and-such news story would never have happened if a librarian/information professional had been involved. Now I can tell the world!
  • Library geekery – I’ve only worked in library systems for eight months so I’m very much a library geek in training, but I’m keen to make library services and resources relevant and useful to library users. Stuff like improving what we’ve already got as well as exploring new services and grasping the nebulous Library 2.0.
  • Music and music librarianship – I work in a music conservatoire and I have a bachelors degree in Music, so music’s definitely something I’m interested in. Even my library qualification dissertation was on the subject of music classification, so I hope to write about interesting developments in the field of music librarianship.

I think that’s enough of an intro for now – enjoy the blog and do get in touch if you’ve got any views or information to share!


2 Responses to “An introduction”

  1. Katie Says:

    Hey, you’re a librarian? That is so cool! I really want to be a librarian, but right now I’m 15. What’s it like? It must be fun.

  2. Edith Says:

    Hi Katie, thanks for giving me my first comment!

    I enjoy being a librarian and think it’s pretty cool, but to many people’s disappointment you don’t actually get to sit around all day reading the contents of your library (you do however get to take the contents home to read of course :) ). What it’s really like depends on what kind of librarian you are. My job is a mixture of lots of things and I enjoy the variety – sometime soon I’ll write a bit more about what I actually do day-to-day!

    If you fancy being a librarian I’d recommend doing some voluntary/part-time work at a library, maybe at your school or your local public library, or maybe your college/uni library when you get there! There’s loads of different types of libraries out there so it’s worth visiting lots of them to see what kinds you like :)

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